35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - Tasma NK-2 100

  • $120.99

TASMA NK-2 35mm Film / 100 feet (on core) / 35mm / BW / 100 iso / Process BW

For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film

You've heard of "Cult Cameras"...now The FPP is happy to make available this cult Russian BW film - Fresh-Dated and ready to shoot!!

Keep your film Light Tight! Once rolled to individual rolls, this film stock is subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. What is light piping? Read our blog by Leslie Lazenby. As with all of our films being shot using vintage cameras, your results are not guaranteed.

History of "Tasma" started in 1933 as a Factory film number 8. The name "Tasma" (in deciphering the "Tatar Sensitive Materials") the company received in 1974.

Kazan factory was the only factory in the USSR which continued to work during the Second World War. A significant number of films, aerofilms, papers supplied for the needs of the front. In 1944, the factory was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor USSR.

The company experienced different periods in its nearly century-old history.


Where can I get this film processed?

You can process yourself or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com!

Our 100 foot bulk rolls are for personal use, not re-selling. Sales of individual rolls from FPP bulk rolls is prohibited.

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