620 BW Film Ilford Ortho Plus (1 Roll)

  • $14.99

Ilford Ortho Plus 620 BW / iso 80 daylight 

ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white film is an Orthochromatic film and is the PERFECT ISO for your vintage 620 film camera!

Ortho films render very different BW tones that make your photography stand out. The blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safe-light and allows processing by inspection, meaning you can load and unload film onto your home development reels using our Jr Red Safe-light.

Hand-Rolled 620 roll film for 620 film cameras. About the spool your film will be rolled on - Original vintage Kodak spools were metal. Our FPP 620 Spool is mold injected and is just a fraction thicker due to the fabrication requirements.  Our spool will be snug in 1% of 620 cameras. It will loosen with repeated use (if you re-use your spool or can be easily sanded down with a piece of sandpaper.)

What is Orthochromatic film? Read the blog by Leslie Lazenby.

above: Image by Natalie Oberg on Ilford Ortho Plus - https://www.instagram.com/natalieanalog/

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