Adapter - 122 to 120 Film Adapter

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122 to 120 Film Adapter!
Please read all the info on this page before purchaing

Load 120 film in your vintage Kodak (or other) 122 film camera!
Designed by CameraHack and imported from Italy! 
Divertiti a scattare con la tua Kodak vintage!


  • Four adapter pieces - Two for your 120 film and two for your 120 take-up.
  • One 120 take-up spool included.

122 Film Adapter

The 122 Adapter is the Film Adapter Kit that let you load normal medium format 120 film in cameras made for the 122 film spools. We include a 120 take-up spool so there is no re-spooling involved. Simply apply the adapters, shoot and process!

With 120 film in a 122 film camera you’ll get 6 panoramic-format photographs with a size of about 14x6cm (4¼ x 2½ inches).

This adapter features a stainless steel flange that perfectly reproduce the same hole that’s in the original 122 spool flange. They are laser-cut out of a 1mm thick stainless steel plate.

Note from customer:  Worked great. 
Comes with 4 end adapters to make the 120 film wide enough to fit 122 
4 flange adapters that fit on the end adapters to increase the flange of the 120 spool to 122 diameter (this was not mentioned, but it should be)

And an empty 120 spool.
The flange adapters make it a lot easier to get the 120 spool positioned to load in the camera. They also make it easier to unload the exposed roll because the larger flanges minimize the tendency for the 120 spool to tilt and hang up in the magazine well.
The kits I’ve seen elsewhere only have the end adapters; no spare spool, no flange adapters.


With the camera still open, start winding the film until you see the big vertical arrow, then close your camera.
Turn the film advance knob 10 times (20 half turns) so that the film reaches the correct placing for the first photo.

After the first photo is taken, advance the film by 4 knob’s turns (or 8 half turns), and do this for photo 2, 3, and 4 (the last one).
Wind until the end of the film: the empty spool becomes the take-up spool: put the key adapter on it. You’re ready to shoot again.

NOTES: The No. 3A Kodaks have a little red window in the back of the camera: it was used to read the frame number written on the film’s paper. It’s highly unlikely that you will see some sort of numbers or signs on the 120 film paper because of the totally different film format. But if this is your case, use it as a helper for controlling the film position in the camera.

A little trial and error is to be expected.

The plastic parts are printed with a very solid PLA organic polymer, which is even stronger than the 120 spool material itself! Note that your adapter color will vary from the one pictured.

Adapters are very sturdy - do not force them or use the wrong end. We import this product from Italy, so adapters are not refundable and we will not replace adapters that you break.

Enjoy shooting!

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