120 BW Washi i (1 Roll)

  • $11.99

FILM WASHI "i" Industrial BW X-Ray Film
120 / 80 iso

A unique BW film - Film Washi "I" film was originally used for industrial tests to examine metal and pipe quality control. Film has a thick blue polyester base and no anti-halation layer.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE BEFORE SHOOTING - Tips on loading, usage and development can be found on the spec page here.

Can be loaded like any normal film but being thicker than usual it needs to be kept wounded tight while loading and unloading. Radiographic film are more fragile than others and need extra care during all part of use and process to avoid any risk of scratch. Recommended for simple box cameras (like the Yashica A). Not guaranteed to load in more sophisticated cameras (like the Mamiya m645). Use your best judgement as film is not sold with warranty of any kind.

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