35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - FPP Kodak Double-X

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What is Kodak Double X? 
Eastman Kodak Double-X 5222 is a film made for motion picture cameras and is used by Hollywood cinematographers for films like Schindler's List and Casino Royale.

iso 200 / process: Standard BW

For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film
Please note that our film is hand-rolled from Super-Fresh film directly from Eastman Kodak. We do not use re-canned "short ends" for our 24exp rolls.

Kodak Double X

Above: The name is Bond, James Bond...shot on Double X! Image from Casino Royale 

Technical info from Kodak - Black-and-white negative films from Kodak have been a creative story telling tool for decades. EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Negative Film 5222 / 7222 has the subtleties in tone scale that you’ve come to expect, and now it’s been optimized for physical performance. Designed for general production use outdoors and in the studio, in dim light, and anywhere you need greater depth of field without increased illumination. This high-speed camera negative film has excellent image-structure characteristics.

Our 100 foot bulk rolls are for personal use. Not for re-sale.

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