Darkroom Supplies - FPP 110 BW Film Developer (8 oz)

  • $12.99

FPP 110 Concentrate BW Film Developer (Liquid)
For Black & White Film

This product is a HC-110 equivalent in a convenient, small 8 oz bottle.

Standard dilution: 1 + 31 (15ml of FPP 110 + 465ml of distilled water)
Instructions on bottle or consult the Massive Dev Chart on-line using HC-110 as your guide.

All photo examples processed in FPP 110 by Leslie Lazenby.

NOTE: You will need the basic darkroom tools - tank, beakers, etc. to develop your color film. If you're new to home developing you may want to order our FPP BW Home Developing Kit. Once your film is developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negative. We recommend the Epson model v700 (or higher).

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