Darkroom Supplies - FPP 110 BW Film Developer (Kodak HC-110 equivalent - 8 oz)

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FPP-110 Concentrate BW Film Developer (Liquid)
For Black & White Film Developing

This product is a HC110 equivalent in a convenient, small 8 oz bottle. FPP 110 is a concentrate and needs to be diluted to a working solution for use. (FPP Reusable Syringe available separately to aid in diluting!)

We ship FPP110 (liquid chemistry) to US and Canada only.

Standard dilution (Dilution B): 1 + 31 (15ml of FPP 110 + 465ml of distilled water)

Dilution to make 1 Liter:  31.3ml of FPP110 / 968.7ml water for a total of 1000 ml (1-Liter) of working solution. 

Additional instructions on bottle or consult the Massive Dev Chart on-line using HC-110 as your guide.

Leslie Lazenby writes: "Most consider 110 developers mixed to your dilution of choice, a one-shot developer (Use it once). If it is poured back you need to compensate with additional time for the next rolls. Once mixed this working solution has a shelf life of about 30 days, so if you use it as one-shot the remaining has about 30 days of goodness, less if you try to reuse by pouring back. ( I don't recommend reuse, but if you're super thrifty, feel free to experiment. )

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NOTE: You will need the basic darkroom tools - tank, beakers, etc. to develop your bw film. This is developer only. You will also need a fixer in order to develop negs using this product. If you're new to home developing you may want to order our FPP BW Home Developing Kit. Once your film is developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negative. We recommend the Epson model v700 or v800.

All photo examples processed in FPP 110 by Leslie Lazenby

Leslie Lazenby's comments and tips on Kodak FPP-110 -
"It comes supplied as a concentrate. Even though you can mix it to a stock solution further dilution is needed before using. Most find it easier to just mix it for a one shot working dilution right before use. A nice advantage when you use these liquid supplied developers is it is so easy to quickly get to your proper processing temperature. 110's selling points are ease of use, versatility, and reliability. The concentrate keeps for years; (4 to  5 years air tight).

All types of black-and-white film can be developed with HC-110,  and results are consistent.

Where FPP-110 really shines for me is with old outdated films, it gives surprisingly little base fog even with very prolonged development. Old films have their fair share of age fog and 110 gives me a better chance of a usable negative. Like Rodinal, 110 keeps very well and gives very reproducible results. It is a good choice when failure would be costly."

On mixing: 
"FPP-110 developer can be mixed two ways. Mix a stock from the concentrate, then mix a working solution from this stock OR mix a working solution from the concentrate. 

Since the concentrate has such a long shelf life, years, most people just mix to working solution.  With FPP110 you always develop with working solution, unlike some developers which can use both stock and working.

Developing Times
The first thing you will notice when looking up your developing times with FPP-110 is there are many options, dilutions, these are referred to with alphabetic nomenclature. Dilution B is very popular, here is how it is mixed.

Dilution B is mixed 1:31 for your working solution.
One part FPP-110 concentrate is mixed with 31 parts of water. Example, if I mixed 1 ounce of concentrate, I would add 31 ounces of water, this gives me 32 ounces of working solution, and if you mixed it at the proper temperature you are ready to go. If this is too much or too little for your film tank you can mix it by starting with the amount you need. Again this is from concentrate, and we will work in milliliters, ml, this time. Dilution B is 1:31 added together is 32, 32 parts. If you need 300ml for your tank divided 300 ÷ 32.  This is 9.375ml, your 1 unit, and 9.375 x 31 = 290.6 is your water units, thus added together is 300ml of Dilution B working solution. You should always use a minimum of 6 ml concentrate, even it it makes more than you need."

Storing your FPP-110
Buy a bottle and fill with marbles as you use it or pour some into smaller bottles and cap then use out of only one until it's gone.

Crystals floating? Don't Panic!
On occasion, you may see some crystals forming in the bottom of your bottle. These crystal chunks are no problem. Warm the bottle slightly, swirl around until they dissolve back into it. Don't want to w

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