Double 8 Film - Magazine 8 BUNDLE - Film / Develop / Scan

Double 8 Film - Magazine 8 BUNDLE - Film / Develop / Scan

  • $79.99

READ ALL THE INFO ON THIS PAGE CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING. By ordering, you are agreeing to our terms listed at the bottom of this page.

Order only ONE BUNDLE (of any type) per order number. If you would like to purchase more than one, place your order for one - complete check out, pay and then revisit the site and place another order. More than one Bundle order per order will result in cancellation of your entire order. 

Bundles are for US customers only.

FPP Cine8 Magazine 8 Movie Film Bundle (Film - Develop - Scan)

Please use the drop-down to choose type of film.

  • BW Reversal 40 iso
  • Color Negative 40 iso (Daylight Balanced)
  • Color Reversal 100D (Daylight Balanced)

This film is 8mm Magazine 8 film for cameras that accept the Kodak magazine .

Difference between NEGATIVE and REVERSAL FILM:

  • Negative film is returned to you un-slit (on a core) for safe storage along with your scan. Negative film can not be projected.
  • Reversal film is for projection or scanning. It is developed, slit and scanned - returned to you on a 50 ft 8mm reel.

The magazine cartridge is the property of the Film Photography Project and will be re-loaded and made available for our next customer.

This cartridge will NOT fit Super 8, Single 8, Bell & Howell cartridge, 16mm or other cameras that need a proprietary cartridge. If you are not sure, e-mail us (with a pic of your camera film compartment & model number) BEFORE making purchase as we DO NOT accept returns on movie film. (

Bundle includes:

  • Film - One pre-loaded Kodak Magazine 8. Once ordered we will ship you your film along with our FILM FORM SHEET to fill out and return for Develop/Scan Services. Shipping includes all film and developed film/scans to you. Price does not include the shipping of your exposed film back to FPP for develop/scan.
  • Film Developing - After you shoot your roll(s), ship the film back to FPP along with your 128gb USB thumb drive and your filled-out FILM FORM. We can not develop/scan without your FILM FORM returned along with your film. If you do not have a USB thumb drive, you can purchase one separately HERE.
  • Film scan - We scan your film HD 16x9 Full Frame. By scanning full frame, you will be able to see all of the image on your film including the film sprockets. You will receive two files - one ProRes .mov and one smaller .mp4.


Does the reload come with a warranty or guarantee?
No. Due to the age of the magazines  it is not uncommon for magazines to break or jam. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantees, warranty, or money back if a magazine breaks or fails during filming. 

Note: Develop/Scan offer is good for 12 months after date of purchase. We will not honor develop/scan film after that 12 month period.

About the film: Film is standard 8mm color negative film, also know as regular 8 film format or double 8. Important - Negative film is not for projecting in a vintage projector. If you plan on projecting, please order "reversal film".



We do not offer refunds or partial refunds. We do not accept returns. Due to frequent vintage camera malfunctions, we do not replace movie film or accept returns on movie film.

The Fine Print - Orders will take 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your film. When you submit your film assets to Film Photography Project (FPP) for scanning or handling of any kind you agree to the fullest extent of the law to  indemnify, defend, and hold harmless FPP, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers from and against all claims, losses, liabilities and damages of any kind, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating in any way to your use of our services, or any violation of these Terms, any law, or any rights of any third party, including when the active or passive negligence of  FPP is alleged or proven.

Shooter Error – it’s a fact that user error and / or malfunctioning vintage cameras can result in under, overexposed, blank film, jiggly lines due to a bad film gate/improper loading/malfunctioning camera. In the event we are unable to retrieve an image or correct an issue after scanning, we will provide you with feedback at the time we deliver your file.  

The Lab - We would like you to be aware that we partner with one or more reputable outside labs for the processing portion of your package. For this portion of services, we only offer replacement of raw materials in case of transit loss or lab damage. If you are working on an important project, we recommend Production Insurance.

Shipping - Your roll(s) of film are shipped via the service you choose (First Class, Priority Mail, etc). Note that all scans and developed film is shipped First Class Mail.

Customers outside the USA who wish to take advantage of our developing and scanning services may be asked to pay additional shipping expenses.

Sh*t Happens - Your media is very important to you, and we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your film while they are at our facility.  However, sometimes the unpredictable happens during shipping to and from our facility, or while a service is being provided.  Our commitment to you, is that if any item is lost or damaged by us while at our facility, we will replace it with an item of equivalent amount.  To ensure you are protected above and beyond our replacement of the raw materials, we strongly suggest you acquire insurance.  To ensure you are protected during the shipping of the items, please insure your packages. We can not replace the value of items that are lost in transit.

Your movie film is important to us. Contact our in-house  Cine film expert Michael Raso if you have any questions -

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