Kodak Royal 16mm Magazine Camera w/ Film Bundle

  • $129.99

Kodak Royal 16mm Magazine Camera w/ Film Bundle
Please read all the info on this page before placing your order.

Introduced in the early 1950s and manufactured through 1967, this compact "magazine" camera produces marvelous images with its Kodak Cine Ektar 25mm f/1.9 lens

Camera ships with one 16mm Magazine containing Kodak Plus-X BW film (iso 50). Film includes developing and scanning. You will receive a FILM FORM with your camera and film. When done shooting, return the form with a 64GB or larger USB thumb drive. Please consider watching instructional video below.

The magazine magazine cartridge containing your film is the property of the Film Photography Project and will be returned to our inventory after we develop and scan your film.

Turnaround Time
Orders will take 4-6 weeks from the time we "check in" your film. You will receive an email when we check in your film. Turnaround time starts when you receive this email. You will receive your developed film back along with your film scan.

Questions? Contact Michael@FilmPhotographyProject.com

Please note that this camera is tested before shipping to you.. Camera is vintage and may have a few scuffs and/or physical imperfections. Camera does not ship in original box. These imperfections will not affect performance. Due to the cameras age, we do not accept returns and can not guarantee the life of the camera motor. 

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