Super 8 Film - Kodak 500T Color Negative

Super 8 Film - Kodak 500T Color Negative

  • $31.99

A little bit of Hollywood in your Super 8 camera? Yes! Kodak's world-famous Vision 3 Motion Picture films negative stock available in a 50ft Super 8 Cartridge*!

(1) 50 ft cartridge - Film price does not include processing or transfer.

500T is a 500 iso TUNGSTEN (Indoor Light) Super 8 Film stock that is perfect for low light indoor shooting or outdoors with an 85 filter.

* This is a color negative film perfect for scanning and editing, not projecting in a Super 8 projector.

Where can I send my Vision 3 Super 8 film for processing and transfer? Yale Film & VideoCineLabSpectra Film & Video or Pro8mm

above: Goofin' around at The Film Photography Podcast - Shot on the Argus Super 8 Camera / Kodak Vision 3 500T

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