Super 8 Film - Kodak 50D / 7203 Color Negative

Super 8 Film - Kodak 50D / 7203 Color Negative

  • $35.99

Kodak Vision3 50D - One 50ft Super 8 Cartridge

Due to the age of vintage cameras, we do not accept returns on movie film. Please read our terms (listed below) before purchasing.

Price per roll is for Film Only.
We do offer a complete Film-Develop-Scan BUNDLE (Available HERE)

50D is a 50 iso DAYLIGHT Super 8 Film stock that is perfect for BRIGHT SUNNY days. 

* This is a color negative film perfect for scanning, not projecting in a Super 8 projector.

Where can I send my Vision 3 Super 8 film for developing / scanning?
The Film Photography Project can develop / scan your movie film. Visit our Super 8 Development / Scan page.

We do not accept returns on movie film.

Terms – With the rare exception of a film product recall, user issues with film are a by-product of the deterioration of parts in the vintage cameras used to shoot the film. Even functioning and previously tested vintage cameras may experience motor film transport issues, film breakage, light leaks, over-and-under-exposure, and emulsion scratches. We feel it is important to bring your attention to these risks as we do not accept returns, offer replacement film or refunds on Super 8 movie film. 

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