Regular 8 Film - FPP Cine8 Color Negative 500T High Speed Film

Regular 8 Film - FPP Cine8 Color Negative 500T High Speed Film

  • $34.99

FPP Cine 8 Color Negative 500T High Speed Film

Reg 8  / Double 8 Color Negative Film - 25 ft cartridge / 500T iso Tungsten (Indoor Light) Balanced - New and Fresh from the Film Photography Project!

The FPP offers Processing and Scanning of this film (service sold separately).

This film is standard 8mm high speed color negative film, also know as regular 8 film format or double 8. Perfect for indoor shooting or street cinematography. Negative film is not for projecting in a vintage projector but for scanning to a digital file. 

This film is for LOW LIGHT shooting. You will need a 85 (orange) filter + a ND (Neutral Density) filter if you wish to shoot in broad daylight.

  • Beautiful high speed color negative film
  • Process: ECN-2
  • Perfect for shooting in practical indoor light / street cinematography
  • 2x8 mm standard / 25 foot roll film
  • Normally 8mm is shot at 16fps (frames per second)
  • Frame size 4.8mm x 3.5mm
  • Not for cameras that need 8mm Cartridge Film
  • Not for Super 8 cartridge cameras or 8mm cameras that require a magazine load

    above: How to know if your camera can take Cine 8 film? Open your camera compartment. You will see one empty spool (the take-up Spool). Need a camera take-up spool? Grab one from The FPP!

    How does this film work?
    Regular 8 film is actually 16mm in width when you receive it (on a 25ft daylight camera spool). On the first pass though the camera, the film is exposed only along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, you open the camera and flip / swap the spools. The same film is exposed along its other edge. After the film is developed, both sides of the film is scanned to create an approx. 4 minute file (per roll).

    How do I load my camera?
    Each camera is slightly different but check out this video where Michael Raso loads a Revere 8 Model 88.

    This film WILL NOT fit Super 8 cameras. Due to the age of vintage movie cameras, we do not accept returns on movie film.

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