35mm Film Camera - Olympus Infinity Zoom 80 (Silver Vintage)

35mm Film Camera - Olympus Infinity Zoom 80 (Silver Vintage)

  • $49.99

The Olympus Infinity Zoom 80 point 'n shoot 35mm camera is a light, pocketable point-and-shoot camera with motorized film transport, auto exposure, and autofocus. Remarkably, due to its relatively recent release, you can still find this camera brand new for over $200.

The camera sports a 38-80mm zoom lens with an 𝑓4.5-8.9 aperture. It takes ISO 100-3200 DX-coded 35mm film, uses a built-in flash and can flip the shutter anywhere between 2-1/600s. It also comes with a built-in flash, red-eye reduction, self-timer, and a date stamp option. Read more: https://www.analog.cafe/r/olympus-infinity-zoom-80-nfce

See the manual on-line HERE.

Please note that this camera is tested by The (FPP) Film Photography Project. Camera is vintage and may have a few scuffs and/or physical imperfections. These imperfections will not affect performance. Due to the cameras age, we do not grade the lens glass, inspect seals, test shutter accuracy or accept returns. Camera may not ship with original box or manual. Image posted is stock Canon image.

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