Double 8 Film - Cine8 BW Reversal 40 ISO (25 ft)

Double 8 Film - Cine8 BW Reversal 40 ISO (25 ft)

  • $25.99

FPP Cine8 8mm Reversal* 40 BW Positive Film - 40 iso
Film is 25 ft roll (Shoot side 1, flip reel, shoot side 2)
Does not include developing / scanning.

Please read our terms before purchasing.

*BEST CHOICE because the film speed (ISO) of 40 is PERFECT for your vintage manual or automatic 8mm camera!

FPP Double 8 (a.k.a. Regular 8) BW positive film / 25 ft roll x 2 (Shoot side 1, flip reel, shoot side 2). Film is on a triacetate base.

*Reversal film means you will receive back Positive Regular 8mm film that's perfect for projecting in a vintage projector (and/or having scanned).

Film purchase does not include develop / scan services. The FPP offers Developing and Scanning of this film (service sold separately)

Please read all the information on this page before purchasing.

  • Black and White Reversal Film (Positive Image)
  • Process: Standard BW Reversal Development
  • 2x8 mm standard / 25 foot roll film
  • Normally 8mm is shot at 16 fps (frames per second) - Your camera shutter speed is 1/30th sec (at 16fps)
  • Frame size 4.8mm x 3.5mm
  • Not for cameras that need 8mm magazine cartridge film. Not for Super 8 cartridge cameras. Make sure that your camera takes 25ft Double 8 roll film - We DO NOT accept returns on movie film. Unsure? Send us an email before purchasing.

above: How to know if your camera can take Cine 8 film? Open your camera compartment. You will see one empty spool (the take-up Spool). Need a camera take-up spool? Grab one from The FPP!

How does this film work?
Regular 8 film is actually 16mm in width when you receive it (on a 25ft daylight camera spool). On the first pass though the camera, the film is exposed only along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, you open the camera and flip / swap the spools. The same film is exposed along its other edge. After the film is developed, the processor slits it down the middle resulting in two lengths of 8mm film (double 8mm), single perforated on each side making for (1) 50 foot roll once spliced together.

How do I load my camera?
Each camera is slightly different but check out this video where Michael Raso loads a Revere 8 Model 88.

Terms – With the rare exception of a film product recall, user issues with film are a by-product of the deterioration of parts in the vintage cameras used to shoot the film. Even functioning and previously tested vintage cameras may experience motor film transport issues, film breakage, light leaks, over-and-under-exposure, and emulsion scratches. We feel it is important to bring your attention to these risks as we do not accept returns, offer replacement film or refunds on movie film. 

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